IBM Improves Traditional Batteries with Sea Water

The auto industry is actively moving towards clean electricity. Many automakers are already releasing or announcing the release of electric cars. However, modern lithium-ion batteries contain heavy metals that are difficult to mine, which increases the cost of batteries. Researchers at the IBM Research Battery Lab are proposing a new solution to this problem.

Components for the batteries of the future at IBM proposed to extract from sea water. The battery uses three new patented materials, including cathode, free of cobalt and nickel, and liquid electrolyte. According to company representatives, suppressing dendrites of metallic lithium during charging, this technology reduces the likelihood of battery fire.

All this expands the scope of the batteries of the future, allowing them to be used in aircraft construction, automobiles and smart energy systems. In addition, such batteries will be cheaper and will be able to charge up to 80% in just 5 minutes, and also have increased density and energy efficiency.

The IBM Research Battery Lab has already entered into an agreement with Mercedes-Benz, Central Glass battery supplier and Sidus battery manufacturer. IBM plans to use AI to improve battery performance and find even safer and more productive materials. There is no information on the timing of the commercial implementation of the new technology.

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