Hyundai Motor will present the concept of flying urban transport at CES 2020

The concept includes not only flying cars.
A press release was published on Hyundai Motor’s website dedicated to the company’s participation in CES 2020. This event was chosen by the South Korean manufacturer to present its vision of mobility and cities of the future.

More specifically, Hyundai will present its first conceptual personal air transport (Personal Air Vehicle or PAV) as part of the “urban air mobility landscape” (Urban Air Mobility or UAM). The use of airspace is expected to reduce congestion and provide quality time for city passengers.

Hyundai’s vision also includes a Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV). This is an extremely customizable concept with a self-driving function, which “gives limitless possibilities to turn the car into something more than just a means of transportation.”

These intelligent vehicles will intersect at the hub – the PAV take-off / landing point and PBV arrival / departure points. Hubs will be located throughout the city, and will serve as public spaces.

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