Huge prices of Samsung Galaxy S20 confirmed

While Apple cuts start prices for iPhone, Samsung does the opposite.
Insider John Prosser today received from his informant official prices for smartphones line Samsung Galaxy S20, which will be installed in the stores of the American operator Verizon.

So, in the US, Verizon operator will sell smartphones of this line at such prices:

Samsung Galaxy S20 – $ 999
Samsung Galaxy S20 + – $ 1199
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – $ 1399

This information is fully consistent with previously published prices for smartphones in this line for the operator T-Mobile US.

Samsung decided to change the strategy, removing an inexpensive model from the new flagship line. The starting price of $ 1,000 doesn’t seem like a reasonable decision, especially amid falling sales and the fact that even Apple has been offering relatively inexpensive iPhones in the fall for the past two years, and is about to release an even more affordable iPhone 9 this spring.

Let’s see how this strategy will affect Samsung sales.

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