Huawei will sell 100 million 5G-smartphones in a year only in China and will lead a new market

Samsung takes second place.
Shoichi Tosaka, CEO of Japanese capacitor manufacturer Taiyo Yuden, said yesterday that demand for the company’s components will grow rapidly next year, as China is actively adopting 5G technology.

He said that they received a large number of orders for capacitors for 5G equipment. Most orders come from Huawei and ZTE. Shoichi Tohsaka also said that Huawei is forecast to sell 100 million 5G smartphones in China alone next year.

2019 was also a very good year for Taiyo Yuden, the company’s stock price has doubled over the past 12 months. But next year, even more rapid growth is expected. All thanks to the growing popularity of 5G smartphones.

The source notes that 5G smartphones use about 30% more capacitors than 4G mobile phones. The 5G modem consumes a large amount of energy, so it needs a larger battery, which leaves less space for other components. This raises the demand for high-quality capacitors that can store more energy in less volume.

Analysts believe that Huawei will become the leader in the 5G-smartphone market, and Samsung will follow it.

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