Huawei will pay developers creating software for the App Gallery app store

While the program is launched in the UK.
Huawei, as you know, is in no hurry to leave the Android operating system on its own. But there is a problem in the form of the lack of the opportunity to cooperate with Google and, as a result, the lack of search giant services on the new Huawei smartphones.

But the company has its own app store – App Gallery. And now it is on him that the company is concentrating. In particular, according to sources, in the UK, Huawei announced the introduction of monetary incentives for application developers for the App Gallery.

The source said that £ 20 million was allocated for this, but it is unclear exactly how Huawei will allocate this money to developers and in what quantities per company. In any case, this should attract new specialists to the App Gallery.

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