Huawei VR Glass record-breaking light glasses go on sale

This is a huge leap over modern VR headsets.
In September this year, Huawei introduced the Huawei VR Glass virtual reality headset, which many called glasses because of its compact size.

Today, the manufacturer announced that the device will finally go on sale in the home market on December 19, that is, on Thursday. Additional details have also been published.

You should start with a parameter that is very important when discussing smart glasses, which is the mass of the device. Huawei VR glasses weigh only 166 grams with a lens system thickness of about 26.6 mm. According to the company, this is a huge leap compared to modern VR headsets in terms of lightness. For this, by the way, Huawei received the World VR Industry Conference Innovation Gold Award 2019. For comparison: the HTC Vive Pro has a frontal thickness of 73.5 mm.

As previously reported, Huawei VR Glass has automatic adjustment for users with myopia, and for the left and right eyes, the system works independently. In this case, the adaptive distance between the pupils is from 55 to 71 mm. The headset is very comfortable for extended use.

The total resolution of the two screens is 3200 x 1600 with a pixel density of 1058 PPI. In addition, users have access to a 90-degree field of view and a variable refresh rate of 70/90 Hz.

The headset supports 3D sound effects and IMAX mode. In terms of content, Huawei promises about 30,000 hours of VR video, over 100 mobile VR games and thousands of VR games for computers.

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