Huawei smartphones will be able to charge 80% per minute

The technology is partially used in the Huawei P30
The Chinese media reported interesting news – at a forum at Peking University, technology was introduced that allows you to charge smartphones by 80% in one minute.

Professor Huang Yunhui from the University of Science and Technology of China spoke about the results of his research. The technology is based on a project by a scientist on composite electrode materials, who won the second prize of the National Fund for Natural Sciences of China in 2016.

What is even more interesting, it is noted that the technology was transferred to Huawei in 2014, the company conducted additional research and partially used it in the spring flagship camera phone Huawei P30.

The Huawei P30 smartphone supports 22.5 watts fast charging, while the Huawei P30 Pro supports 40 watts. Such results, this is far from the limit. So, in September, Oppo introduced 65 W charging technology, in Xiaomi – 100 W.

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