Huawei P40 turned into spy equipment

An interesting feature was discovered in the flagship smartphone Huawei P40, with the proper approach, turning it into spy equipment. The technology is called – wireless sound transmission (wireless sound transmission), and this is not quite what is commonly understood as broadcasting audio tracks from a smartphone to, for example, a portable speaker.

The meaning of wireless sound transmission is that the smartphone acts as a microphone, and it transfers all the sounds “around” to compatible devices – so far, these include the Huawei FreeBuds, FlyPods and FreeLance wireless headphones. The idea of ​​Huawei engineers is simple – wireless sound transmission can be, firstly, used to enhance sound (the description refers to the use of technology by teachers and for audio guides), and secondly, for example, as a baby monitor in a child’s room. But at the same time, nothing prevents the use of a smartphone in order to eavesdrop on confidential conversations. Here it all depends on the goals that the user of Huawei P40 pursues.

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