Huawei Opens 5G Demonstration Center in London

It should become a platform for sharing knowledge and experience using 5G technologies.
Huawei has opened a fifth-generation network demonstration center called the 5G Innovation and Experience Center in the UK capital. According to a leading manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, the center “will help strengthen cooperation between innovators and entrepreneurs, and will also contribute to the further development of 5G ecosystems.”

It is expected that the center, opened by Huawei, will become a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience using 5G technologies. Of course, his field of activity is not limited to the UK.

Visitors to the center will be able to enjoy exciting interactive games in real time, play with their favorite group using virtual and augmented reality technologies, as well as learn about other opportunities offered by 5G.

In a report for the third quarter, Huawei announced that it had already concluded more than 60 commercial contracts for the supply of 5G solutions with leading global telecom operators, including all major UK operators.

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