Huawei Migrates FusionServer Pro Series Servers to Intel Cascade Lake Refresh Processors

Huawei has completed testing of FusionServer Pro series servers on Intel Cascade Lake processors. The list of models migrated to the new processors includes the 1288H V5, 2288H V5, 2298 V5 and 5288 V5 rack servers, the X6000 V5 high-density server, and the E9000 blade server.

Intel Cascade Lake Refresh processors are superior in performance to their predecessors, which should make the listed servers more efficient. According to some estimates, the increase reaches 36%.

FusionServer Pro 1288H V5 and 2288H V5 servers are typical representatives of the universal rack server category, which are characterized by high performance, configuration flexibility, and advanced energy-saving and management functions. The FusionServer Pro 2288H V5 model is a dual-processor 2U server, suitable for the tasks of virtualizing cloud computing, working with databases and big data. It has 24 slots for DDR4 DIMMs, 10 PCIe expansion slots and the ability to connect 28 NVMe drives, 20 3.5-inch drives or 31 2.5-inch drives.

The dual-socket FusionServer Pro 2298 V5 is a storage server that uses a hybrid architecture for tiered storage. It supports 24 3.5-inch drives and four NVMe solid-state drives, meeting the requirements for multi-tier data storage and data archiving solutions.

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