Huawei Launches EMUI 10 Public Beta Test for Mate X, Participation Fee $ 2420

The flagship smartphone Mate X 5G with a flexible screen is sold only a couple of weeks and only in China, but this does not mean that it is not entitled to the latest version of the proprietary shell EMUI 10. Huawei officially announced the start of beta testing of it, and publicly.

The catch is that the Mate X 5G is sold in China in a limited edition – so limited that the entire batch is being sold out in seconds. The price of the model is an impressive $ 2,420. It turns out that this is the participation price for the EMUI 10 beta test for this smartphone.

Meanwhile, no matter how expensive the Mate X 5G, the model is very well received by users: more than 90% of buyers are happy with their purchase.

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