Huawei is modesty itself: the company compares its tablet with the greatest achievements of mankind

November 25, Huawei will present its new flagship tablet MatePad Pro. The device will be the first among tablets to receive a screen with an opening for the front camera and reverse wireless charging, and it was expected to see advertising teasers from the company. But it seems that Huawei has gone too far with them.

In the pictures you can see the image of three dates very important for mankind: the completion of the world’s first round-the-world sea voyage (1522), the first flight of an airplane (1903) and the first space flight of a man (1961).

And below is the Huawei entry, which can be roughly translated like this:

For 1000 years, people have expanded their horizons step by step. Three days are left until the next step.

A very bold comparison, given that we are talking about a tablet. At the same time, what Huawei intends to surprise is still not very clear.

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