Huawei introduced a 65-watt gallium nitride charger

Chinese technology giant Huawei has officially unveiled a new high-speed charger created using gallium nitride, which provides a maximum charging power of 65 watts.

The ultra-fast 65W Huawei charger is equipped with a full-sized USB-A connector, as well as USB-C, which supports the Power Delivery protocol and can be used to charge mobile computers.

The device received a design with a folding plug, which makes it convenient for transportation. So far, the manufacturer has kept secret information about how long such an adapter can recharge the charge of modern flagships Honor and Huawei.

Recently, a large number of manufacturers have been producing chargers based on gallium nitride. In general, such chargers have increased efficiency, low heat, high power and small dimensions.

The device will be released in May for $ 35.

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