Huawei has publicly offended Apple, but it’s not her fault


Twitter account hacked
Huawei is expanding its operations in Brazil by launching new smartphones and other products. So, recently in the region were presented wireless headphones FreeBuds Lite.

However, in social networks there has been a movement in the opposite direction, at least on Twitter. Users of the social news resource Reddit drew attention to the strange behavior of the Brazilian account Huawei Mobile, which issued a series of provocative messages in honor of Black Friday with insults to Apple and users. As it turned out, the account was hacked by some hackers.

For example, a Huawei Mobile Brazil account wrote “Hello, Apple” and “We are the best”, decorating the message with non-normative vocabulary and using an openly offensive tone. Then on the page they wrote that users in the country are too poor to buy Huawei products, as well as “give communism.”

The situation soon resolved – the company apologized to the readers and promised to punish the hackers. Huawei is going to investigate the incident and promised that in Brazil there will be real good discounts for Black Friday.


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