Huawei has come up with how to return Google services to their smartphones

Huawei’s top manager Eric Xu revealed to CNBC reporters details about the problem with the return of Google services to smartphones and other devices of the company.

Currently, Eric Xu works as vice chairman and current chairman of Huawei Technologies.

As you know, last year due to U.S. sanctions, Huawei lost its Android license, and therefore the company has to release new devices without pre-installed Google services and applications. And if in China this has not changed much – Google services are already blocked there, then in the international market users are accustomed to having a full set of Google services on Android smartphones, starting with the Google Play application online store.

In a recent interview, Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Yu ChengDong, better known as Richard Yu in the world, said the company still hopes to return Google services to its smartphones.

Eric Xu expressed a similar view in a conversation with CNBC. However, he made an important clarification: the company hopes that Google services will be available through the AppGallery app store:

We hope that Google services will be available through our AppGallery, just as Google services are available through the Apple App Store. ”

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