Huawei has added a great innovation to EMUI. The first owners of Huawei Mate 30 can test it.

Typically, to switch between running applications, you first need to open the corresponding menu and select the application you are interested in. The MIUI shell adds a convenient gesture for quickly switching between the last two applications. Now a similar feature has appeared in EMUI.

Today, Huawei announced a feature for quickly switching between applications. With a simple swipe gesture at the bottom of the screen, you can switch between running applications, as shown in the video.

The manufacturer claims that this significantly increases the convenience and speed of working with a smartphone. The first smartphones to receive this update were the Huawei Mate 30 models.

The size of the new firmware is 736 MB, so far it is being distributed in China, but will soon be available in all regions of the world.

In addition to this function, the update fixes various errors, one of which led to the appearance of messages about an incorrect fingerprint.

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