Huawei fans require EMUI 10 for their smartphones

Huawei petition published.
EMUI 10 is one of the most popular graphical skins of the Android operating system at the moment. Recently, the Chinese brand has published an update release schedule for global versions of various smartphones.

The list contains more than 20 devices, but not all models are included in it. A week ago, it became known that Huawei is launching the release of EMUI 10 with the Huawei Y9 Prime 2019. This has led many users to think that the rest of the Huawei Y series phones will also receive an update. However, company representatives confirmed that no upgrade is planned for middle-class models.

In particular, owners of Huawei Y9 2019 are outraged by the fact that other phones with similar characteristics, such as Huawei Nova or P Smart, will receive an update, and they do not plan to update their device.

Some even publish open letters to Huawei and create petitions on to show their disagreement with Huawei’s policies and get the attention of the manufacturer. So far, the last petition has collected more than 600 signatures.

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