“Huang Rays” to everyone and everyone. Inexpensive

GeForce Now Beta Out.
What is a cloud gaming service is hardly necessary to describe. But it is worth noting that in the case of GeForce Now, gamers can connect their third-party game libraries to the service. Among the supported platforms, there are not only Windows, but also macOS, Android, and ChromeOS will soon be added.

The cost of GeForce Now is exactly what the rumors claimed – $ 5 a month. But this is with a subscription immediately for a year. Paid account users get a higher priority access to servers, session time up to six hours, support for ray tracing effects and a free 90-day period.

There is also free access, but there is no increased access priority, the session time is limited to only one hour and, apparently, there is no RTX support. At the same time, Nvidia says that there is no limit on the number of sessions, that is, after disconnecting after one hour, apparently, you can reconnect and play on.

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