HP remains the market leader for large format printers and MFPs

HP provides more than a third of supplies, but in monetary terms it is only 22.3%.
IDC analysts summed up the results of the third quarter of 2019 in the market of large-format printing devices. Analysts include printers and MFPs of the A2 format and more. According to their estimates, the supply of these products in the past quarter almost did not change compared to the previous quarter, decreasing by 0.5%.

At the same time, supplies in North America grew by 4%, mainly due to the United States, where the growth was 9%. Growth in Eastern and Central Europe was offset by a decline in Western Europe.

The market leader by a wide margin from competitors is HP. It provides 33.8% of supplies in quantitative terms. In monetary terms, it owns 22.3% of the market. Canon is in second place with 19.4% of supplies, which account for 10.0% of the industry’s turnover. Epson ranks third with 17.1% of shipments and 8.5% of sales. It is easy to calculate that the first three companies provide more than two-thirds of deliveries (more precisely – 70.3%), while receiving 40.8% of revenue.

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