How Xiaomi’s work has changed at the epicenter of COVID-19

Xiaomi has confirmed that its brand store in Wuhan resumed operations after quarantine was lifted in the city that became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the fact that many stores have resumed their activities, they now operate under the new rules. In the Xiaomi store, all buyers must pass a scan confirming their real name, registration number and other data. A quick temperature check is also required, in addition, it is forbidden to be in the store without a medical face mask.

Earlier, Xiaomi officially announced that its headquarters in the Chinese city of Wuhan resumed work. The company confirmed that all 2000 employees were not infected and went to work.

After the quarantine was lifted, Xiaomi changed the rules of operation not only of stores, but also of its headquarters. All employees pass tests on COVID-19, in addition, a daily temperature check is performed for everyone – both for employees and customers. The Chinese company daily provides its employees with some basic necessities: face masks, a disinfectant (spray) and an antibacterial hand sanitizer.

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