How to increase the speed of Chrome

Google Chrome is a virgin land. Google’s proprietary web browser includes so many settings and hidden features that when you find out about them, you begin to seriously feel like a lamer and involuntarily ask yourself: “What else do I know?”. However, the lack of in-depth knowledge about the principles of Google Chrome’s work harms not so much your authority as your comfort, affecting the quality and speed of its work. We’ll show you how to make Chrome no longer annoy you.

A key issue with Google Chrome is its low speed. Strangely enough, it stems from the abundance of browser functions. Instead of making a simple and minimalistic solution, Google developers stuffed Chrome with a wide range of features that put a serious load on the hardware of even the weakest computer. Well, if something does not work well, then it needs to be fixed.

Stop tabs

Despite the fact that Chrome does a good job of allocating resources in the ambiguity mode, 10, 20 or 30 simultaneously open tabs can drive the browser crazy. The logical option is to close at least some of them, but that would be too easy. Especially for such cases, there is an extension of The Great Suspender. It blocks tabs that you don’t use, preventing them from consuming resources. This frees up some of the computer’s resources. If necessary, you can manually select specific pages that will work in the background, and which will not.

Turn on hardware acceleration
The hardware acceleration function, like the antivirus, did not appear in Google Chrome yesterday. It allows you to transfer part of the load that the browser has on the processor to the video card. Thus, it will be possible to redistribute resources, so that you can speed up both Google Chrome and the computer itself. To do this, go to “Settings” – “Advanced” – “Use hardware acceleration”. This mode can lead to a slight increase in energy consumption, but because it is still better to use it only when connected to the mains.

Enable link preload

If you’re not comfortable with the speed with which Google Chrome loads web pages, we recommend using the FasterChrome extension, which activates the ability to preload them. This mechanism works when you hover over a link, starting to load its contents as soon as you mouse over it. FasterChrome reduces the loading time of web pages to two, or even three times, but it is very gentle on Internet traffic.

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