How much extra “energy” is consumed by the 120-Hertz mode of operation of the screen in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The difference with the 60 hertz mode is big.
As you know, the new flagships of Samsung have screens with a resolution of WQHD + with support for 120 Hz. Now the 120 Hz mode is available only at Full HD resolution, that is, users will have to choose: a sharper or smoother image.

But there is one more nuance that can affect the choice. It’s about power consumption. Of course, a higher frame rate mode should consume more power. But is there much more? This was checked by the source’s specialists using the Galaxy S20 Ultra as an example.

It is worth mentioning that the testing took place in the browser, and the test device was based on the SoC Exynos 990, and not Snapdragon 865.

So, in 60 Hz mode, the smartphone lasted 12 hours and 23 minutes, and in 120 Hz mode – 10 hours and 2 minutes. That is, the choice in favor of a less smooth image will increase autonomy by about 25%, which is very noticeable.

For comparison, in the same test, Galaxy Note10 shows the result at 11 hours 37 minutes, Galaxy S10 – 10 hours 33 minutes, iPhone 11 Pro Max – 12 hours 53 minutes.

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