Honor and Cherry create vibrant mechanical keyboards

The Honor brand, in collaboration with Cherry, has created a new mechanical keyboard that will be available with a black base and two color options.

The first option is equipped with white keys with letters other than the keys that make up the brand name Honor – they are highlighted in purple. Also, some function keys, Shift and other buttons are highlighted in colors. In the second version, the letters are painted in blue, cyan and purple. In general, this version is calmer in terms of design.

The new Honor keyboard is a special version of the Cherry MX Board 8.0 (G80-3888) and has an RGB backlight. There are no details about the characteristics of the keyboard, but since Cherry acted as a partner, it is easy to guess that it uses Cherry Red’s proprietary mechanical switches.

Cherry MX Board 8.0 is priced at around $ 250, so the Honor keyboard should cost about the same. All details will be announced in the coming days.

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