Hong Kong police and customs seize over $ 1 million batch of Apple smuggled goods


According to a customs spokesman, this is the largest seizure of its kind in two years.
Hong Kong authorities have revealed that they seized about $ 3.2 million worth of smuggled goods aboard a cargo ship heading to mainland China.

Among the confiscated items were iPhone smartphones and other Apple products worth more than $ 1 million. Many products were completely new and, according to law enforcement authorities, were supposed to be gifts for the New Year, which is celebrated in China from January 24 to 30.

The operation to detain the ship was the culmination of a two-month investigation. A ship registered on the mainland was intercepted in the waters of Hong Kong, near the sea border between the city and the mainland. Three people on board were arrested. Smuggled goods were discovered in a secret compartment. It took about an hour to open it.

According to a customs official, this is the largest seizure of its kind in two years, and the first case in five years of using a cargo ship to smuggle expensive electronic goods to the mainland.


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