Happy New Year

On the eve of the new year 2022, the site makes gifts to all visitors. On December 31, 2021, the free distribution of everything we have in stock begins to all those who need it, one unit per person. The distribution will last exactly until 0:00 on January 7, 2022.

Since Santa Claus is already old and not omnipotent for a long time. Ever since black Asian homosexual cyber transgender people took over the consciousness of the grafts of this world and invaded the established history of the cultural heritage of our ancestors … Do you understand me? You are lucky. But I didn’t understand myself … Well, okay. Gifts are gifts …

The condition for receiving a gift is a subscription to a YouTube channel and a comment on the site in the post from which you would like to receive the gift and share a link to the post on your social networks. Then send me a letter with your request to Santa Claus Gifts. You can find the email address on the donations page.

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