Hanguang 800 AI processor impresses

Alibaba uses it for his needs.
Last fall, we wrote about the Alibaba Group’s Hanguang 800 artificial intelligence processor. This is the company’s own development, used on Alibaba servers and not available to third-party manufacturers.

And today we can take a look at this decision.

As you can see, the Hanguang 800 looks like an ordinary discrete graphics card, and even with the casing removed, the similarity remains, although many will immediately notice the absence of memory chips.

You can also see an unusual set of connectors for additional power (8 + 4).

Of course, the processor itself is also noteworthy, the crystal of which has very impressive dimensions. If we turn to the autumn information, which we previously did not have, we can find out that this processor is manufactured using 12-nanometer technology and contains 17 billion transistors.

In the ResNet-50 test, this solution produces more than 78,500 IPS, despite the fact that the Nvidia T4 demonstrates performance only at the level of 5400 IPS.

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