Hands Off! macOS firewall

This powerful and easy-to-use tool for the OS X and macOS platform can be used to monitor the activity of applications capable of establishing an Internet connection. Thanks to Hands Off! the user will be able to timely detect signs of malicious or potentially dangerous activity, eliminate the possibility of confidential data leakage and prevent the penetration of malicious programs onto a personal computer.


The list of key features of the application includes the ability to block outgoing and incoming connections at the level of individual applications, disallow cookies, and control file reading and writing operations. The last of the listed features is one of the most requested Hands Off! Features. For example, in order to avoid damage or loss of critical information, the user can prevent a specific program from making changes to the data on the hard disk. Hands Off! keeps users up to date and reports violations detected with detailed notifications, and allows the creation of global rules that apply to all users of the system.

As for me tis is best firewall for mac. It’s better than little snitch.

Version: 4.4.2 (4.4.2)
Developer: One Periodic Inc.
Platform: Intel only
System requirements:
• OS X 10.12.6 or later.
• Any 64-bit Intel ® Mac.
Interface language: English

You CAN {Download} Hands Off! [macOS]

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