Hackers actively use panic around coronavirus to steal data

In connection with the epidemic of coronavirus, more and more people express their concern about what is happening. Many of them are looking for answers on the Internet, where they are waiting for hackers who download malicious programs to unsuspecting users’ computers, with which you can access passwords, secret codes and bank accounts.

For the purpose of constant monitoring, several companies have created information sites that allow you to find out how the situation with the virus in a particular region is. It is these sites that fake attackers. They create clones of such resources or even unique sites that contain useful information about the coronavirus, where you can also download a map of the spread of the disease. Together with the file, the user receives malware aimed at stealing the victim’s personal information.

Most often, AZORult software, discovered back in 2016 and characterized by the ability to gain access to passwords, bank and cryptocurrency accounts, is involved in the attack. Recently, a modified version of AZORult has been noticed, setting up a secret administrator account on a remote computer. It is reported that now from Internet domains associated with coronavirus, malware is installed 50% more often than from other portals. The attacks are mainly targeted at computers running Windows.

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