Greta would be proud. Eco-activist simulator announced

In 2020, being an environmentalist is an honor, but not everyone is ready to switch to zero waste life rules, refuse plastic, change from a car to a bicycle and go into the woods to plant trees. What if there is no time and energy for this, but I want to support Greta Tunberg? Install a game about saving the planet and live with a sense of accomplishment.

The Save The Forest trailer was released a long time ago, but, as it should be for a real gem, it struggled for the attention of journalists and the public for a long time and only now attracted media interest. What is the essence of the game? It’s simple: you just need to walk through the forest and collect garbage around. Finds you can furnish your house from which you have to periodically get out not only for cleaning, but also in order to save animals in trouble, to extinguish fires and build bird feeders.

You won’t get the salary of a forester for this, but respect for Greenpeace and likes from environmental followers is quite possible. The exact release date of the game, alas, is not yet, but now it can be added to the “Wish” on Steam and dutifully wait for the premiere. And you can not waste time in vain and go to clean up the garbage and save the planet in reality. She is alone with us.

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