GPU AMD Arcturus will be giant

We first learned about AMD Arcturus graphics cards last year. Then it was believed that this generation will replace the Navi. However, recently there was information that in fact Arcturus maps will exist in parallel with Navi, as they will be aimed not at consumers, but at servers. More precisely, the Arcturus generation will consist of specialized accelerators of the Radeon Instinct family. And in this case, apparently, Navi will not be represented in this segment.

Now we have indirect evidence of this data. Yesterday, information on the generation of Arcturus cards appeared in the HWiNFO database, although without any specifics. Also, support for new cards is in LLVM 9.0.

In addition, there is information about the GPU cache. And already from this you can find out about the number of stream processors of the new GPU. True, only if the configuration of the Executive units and the ratio of cache memory to Executive units remained unchanged. In this case, it turns out that the Arcturus GPU will have 8192 stream processors! This is twice as much as the top Vega. In comparison, the Radeon RX 5700 XT has a total of 2560 stream processors. At the same time, this adapter is close in performance to Radeon VII, which has 3840 stream processors of the old architecture.

Thus, it can be suggested offhand that the top-end Arcturus GPU will be about three times faster than Radeon VII. True, such a comparison is still useless if Arcturus cards are not available in the consumer segment.

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