Google will understand you better

The Google search engine is the most popular tool in the world for finding new information or answering any questions. In this regard, Google regularly tries to improve this service.

Google has confirmed that an update is coming soon, after installing which its search engine will better understand the whole point of the issue, and not just single words. For this, a new machine learning technology was implemented, which allows the search engine to associate individual words with each other and more accurately find the desired result. This technology has successfully passed the testing stage, which lasted more than a year.

By analyzing the words that are before and after the keyword, this algorithm tries to make sure that it understands the whole point of the search question by offering the appropriate answer options.

For those who don’t know: Google Search understands individual words. This means that you do not need to make a meaningful proposal to get the desired results. Simply say the set of words that are most important in your opinion, and you will receive relevant information. Often, this mechanism is enough to find what you are looking for, but this does not always happen.

It is hoped that with the introduction of the new technology, the search results will be more accurate and relevant to our requests.

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