Google will save Chrome and Youtube from annoying ads

Google Introduces New Video Advertising Policies.
Google has introduced new rules for video ads in the Chrome browser, which will get rid of the most annoying users of types of advertising.

The new rules are based on data received from the international organization Coalition for Better Ads, which includes Google itself.

According to Google, site owners have four months to adapt to the new rules and stop showing annoying ads.

Coalition for Better Ads conducted a study among 45 thousand users around the world. The survey showed that most users find ads that are especially annoying, which makes them wait longer than 5 seconds, clips inserted in the middle of the video, and images or text that appear on top of the video and cover more than 20% of video content.

Starting August 5, 2020, Chrome will begin to completely block ads in this format. As Google emphasized, YouTube’s branded video service will also have to comply with the new rules.

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