Google will fulfill the dream of many users in Android 11

Airplane mode will stop blocking sound via Bluetooth
Google is currently working hard on the next version of its mobile operating system – Android 11 R. Information about the next difference between the future platform was discovered by members of the XDA Developers mobile developers community.

According to a source in Android 11, an innovation will appear, which many smartphone users have dreamed of.

The fact is that in the “airplane” mode, Android-based smartphones turn off all wireless connections in one fell swoop. This simple approach is very inconvenient when you listen to music via Bluetooth headphones or watch a movie, and you need to quickly turn off Wi-Fi and cellular.

Currently, through the tools for ADB developers (Android Debug Bridge), you can configure which connections to disconnect in airplane mode, but this method is not suitable for most users. Apparently, in Android 11 this problem can be solved.

Developers propose to implement a “contextual” disable Bluetooth. In airplane mode, Bluetooth will not automatically turn off if you use Bluetooth A2DP or Bluetooth Hearing Aid profiles. The A2DP profile is used by most wireless headphones to transmit stereo sound, and Bluetooth Hearing Aid is used by hearing aids.

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