Google will facilitate the development of quantum applications and neural networks

Several large companies already have quantum computers in their hands. One of the main problems remains the lack of universal software that can be used for a wide range of tasks. Therefore, Google has developed a set of tools that allows you to harness the power of quantum computers to create machine learning systems.

The Google TensorFlow project was launched in 2015. It positively impacted the acceleration of machine learning. A new set of tools – TensorFlow Quantum – works even more efficiently. The main feature of this software is accessibility and ease of use. So, programmers do not need to write a system from scratch – they already have a ready-made constructor for them.

TensorFlow Quantum will allow you to create applications for quantum computers, without delving into the features of the equipment. The software has a built-in switch between simulation of quantum computing and a conventional PC. This will allow you to try the created program in a simulation before running it on a quantum machine.

Presumably, the new toolkit will be used to simplify work with nature modeling, cryptographic data and many other promising studies. Google is not the only company developing such technologies. Canadian startup Xanadu offers a similar platform called Pennylane. D-Wave Systems, which has released a new version of its Leap software for developing quantum applications, is also known. It was on the basis of this platform that Volkswagen created the world’s first quantum navigator.

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