Google was frightened of competition and asked the White House to allow it to cooperate with Huawei

If Huawei succeeds, it could seriously harm Google.
As it became known, Google turned to the US government with a request to allow it to cooperate with the Chinese company Huawei.

Recall that at the moment, Huawei is actively promoting its own Harmony OS operating system, the AppGallery application store, as well as a set of Huawei Mobile Services. Zhao Ming, president of Honor, said in a recent interview that Huawei Mobile Services will ultimately get ahead of Google Mobile Services and become a global ecosystem. In addition, Huawei has already confirmed that even if the United States lifts trade restrictions in the future, Huawei will never again use Google Mobile Services.

If Huawei succeeds in doing so, it could seriously harm Google. Various sources, in particular the German Finanzen and the Spanish MarketingDirecto, received information that Google is asking the White House to allow the company to resume cooperation with Huawei. Samer Samat, Google’s vice president of product management for Google Play, did not provide information on when the White House will decide on this.

However, recently there have been new reports that the Trump administration may try to impose more restrictions on Huawei.

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