Google stiffened. Huawei launches public beta test for Huawei Mobile Services

HMS is an alternative to Google Mobile Services.
After the U.S. administration imposed sanctions on Huawei, the latter had no choice but to come up with an alternative to Google services, including the famous Google Play application catalog. By analogy with Google Mobile Services, an alternative package of similar applications of Huawei was called Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). And as the source writes, the company has already begun its public beta testing in China.

It should be noted with what speed Huawei develops HMS. They were announced in mid-September, and public testing was launched at the end of December! And this is not about ordinary applications, but about the key components of the shell. As part of the test program, users report that there are two applications: the HMS itself (a user account, a payment system and a wallet, notification messages, etc.) and the HMS Core Test (as part of the HMS, it provides access to mini – applications responsible for security, identification, purchases, biometrics). In general, in terms of functionality, HMS should completely repeat GMS.

It is logical to wait for the appearance of HMS in finished devices as early as next year, and the first smartphones with full-fledged final HMS may be the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro.

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