Google revealed the movement of users to combat coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic has become the most serious challenge for humanity in recent years. However, before people did not have such technical capabilities to coordinate joint work around the world. One of the most significant contributions comes from Google. The company has made publicly available information on the movement of people.

To help government agencies around the world better deal with the spread of coronavirus, Google has made publicly available data on the movement of people. This allows you to better understand in which places you need to introduce toughening of quarantine measures.

The reports contain up-to-date information on the movement of people in supermarkets, pharmacies, parks, shops, recreation areas, workplaces and public transport stops. It is important to note that Google does not provide data on a specific number of people who visit certain places, but anonymized statistics. For example, from the report you can find out how fewer or more people began to visit parks or pharmacies.

Initially, Google provided information on 131 countries and regions, but promised to constantly fill the database and update statistics.

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