Google promised 10 exclusive games for Stadia in the first half of 2020

And over 120 games all year.
In November last year, Google launched a game streaming service called Stadia, and this week the developers talked about what they’ve been doing the last couple of months and shared their immediate plans.

Recently, several new games have been added to the Stadia library, including six games for Stadia Pro members. Updates have been released for all Chromecast Ultra players so you can run Stadia on multiple screens. In the game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint through Stadia added support for multiplayer.

The plans for the current year are as follows: the developers promise to release at least 120 games before the end of 2020. And in the first half of the year there will be at least 10 games that will initially be available only in this streaming service. The period of temporary exclusivity and the names of the games are not specified.

Google said that it, together with new partners from the gaming industry in the near future will make the corresponding announcements.

Full support for 4K, support for various models of Android smartphones and other innovations are also expected.

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