Google Pixel smartphones get a copy of the 3D Touch feature from iPhone

Google Pixel smartphones have a feature similar to c on the iPhone. The idea is that pressing hard will allow you to call the context menu faster.

Currently, this feature only works for a small number of applications (Launcher, Photos and Drive), but in the near future Google plans to expand application support. It is noteworthy that the Google Pixel smartphones do not have hardware to work with the analogue of 3D Touch technology. However, Google used machine learning algorithms to detect strong clicks, that is, it implemented this functionality programmatically.

Google continues to do what it can do very well: it uses software and modern technologies to demonstrate the excellent results of its smartphones even without the appropriate hardware. So it has been a long time with the cameras of her smartphones, now it extends to other areas.

This innovation is contained in the March firmware update for Pixel smartphones.

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