Google Pixel 4 did not live up to expectations

Even the Google Pixel 3a sold better.
This week, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, released its fourth quarter financial results for 2019.

In the financial report, Google does not provide exact sales data for its hardware solutions. Alphabet executives are rather vague on this subject, but acknowledge that revenue from hardware sales has declined over the past year.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said during a press conference that the smart speakers Google Nest Mini and Nest Hub Max had a good holiday season. In addition, last year the Google Pixel 3a line sold well.

Sundar Pichai said nothing good about the sales of Google Pixel 4, saying only that the company is still focused on providing excellent user experience and expanding the sales market.

Foreign media say that sales of the Google Pixel 4 series did not live up to the company’s expectations, and also that the smartphone has an ambiguous reputation since the release.

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