Google is steadily worsening one of its most useful services

Google Images Image Search has lost another feature.
Google got rid of another useful feature in its Google Images image search service.

In 2018, the “Open Full Size” button disappeared from Google Images, which helped to quickly and conveniently download images. This was done as a result of lawsuits with copyright holders, requiring Google users to block the ability to download high-resolution images without buying a license directly from the search.

In 2019, Google Images was redesigned and a sidebar was added to view images in a larger size than in the main issue, but the ability to filter images by exact size and search in a larger size was lost.

Soon, another feature will disappear from Google Images. At the moment, when you hover over the image in the search results, its exact size is displayed in the lower left corner of the image. However, Google gradually began to get rid of this feature. Instead of dimensions, markers appear on this spot when you hover – video, recipe, product, and so on.

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