Google introduced an alternative to YouTube

The name Tangi comes from the words TeAch aNd GIve.
The YouTube video service has a large number of videos with recipes, manuals, instructions and other materials that help people understand a particular topic.

The company Google, which owns YouTube, has decided to launch a new service, which will be intended only for this kind of material. Tangi is an experimental application created in the Area 120 lab that provides brief video guides and instructions. The search giant explains that the name Tangi comes from the words TeAch aNd GIve.

The videos on the new platform have a 60 second limit and are divided into the categories “Art”, “Cooking”, “DIY”, “Fashion and Beauty” and “Lifestyle”. There is no “Technology” section yet, therefore, for example, you should still contact YouTube to search for instructions on smartphone firmware.

The mobile application is available only for devices that are running iOS. Google is famous for the fact that the company launches many applications and services that close after a while. No one knows what will happen to the Tangi app in a year.

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