Google has released less annoying Chrome for smartphones and PCs

Chrome 80 offers a new alert system.
Google has released a new version of the Chrome browser. The update should make the browser less annoying, and also prevent users from tracking third-party services.

Chrome version 80 is already available for computers with Windows, Linux and macOS, as well as smartphones with the Android operating system.

The browser received a less annoying notification interface. Now sites are constantly asking for permission to save cookies, receive location data, and send various alerts.

The new interface will replace pop-up messages. For example, a message about a blocked notification will appear briefly at the place of the crossed-out bell icon in the address bar. In mobile Chrome, the corresponding panel will briefly appear at the bottom of the screen. When you first start, an assistant will appear with explanations: “Usually you block alerts. To enable site alerts, click here. “

Also in Chrome 80, the introduction of a new classification of cookies will gradually begin to protect them from transmission and secret identification. As Google promised earlier, the innovation will appear by the end of February for a small number of users. Gradually, coverage will increase.

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