Google has released five new smartphone apps to tackle smartphone addiction

Google introduced five new experimental smartphone apps to help control digital addiction and the time spent on gadgets.

Last year, Google introduced the Digital Wellbeing feature for Android, which should be mandatory for new smartphones with Android 10 from January 2020. New applications Unlock Clock, Post Box, We Flip, Desert Island and Morph use the capabilities of the platform and complement it.

Unlock Clock is a live wallpaper on your smartphone that tracks the time it works in unlocked mode. This allows you to quickly find out information, without having to go into the settings.

The Post Box combines all alerts and issues them in one portion at a specific time. You can configure the issue once a day, two, three or four times a day.

We Flip invites friends to play the game together and draw attention to each other. The goal is not to look at your smartphone for as long as possible. When one of the participants unlocks the smartphone, the game ends.

Desert Island is also a game designed to help give up bad digital habits. The user selects the most important applications and then tries to use only them all day. The application leaves pictograms of only these applications on the smartphone. The next day, it is proposed to repeat the experiment, deleting another application from the list of available ones.

And finally, Morph prompts the “right” applications for a specific situation. For example, during work – mail, calendar and cloud storage.

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