Google has its own SoC for smartphones and Chromebooks

According to the source, Google has moved quite far in creating its own single-chip systems (SoC) for mobile devices and Chromebooks. As part of the Whitechapel project, implemented with Samsung technical support, the first model has already been created. Moreover, it is alleged that its first samples were made and transferred to Google. However, in devices of the Pixel family, the serial SoC will appear no earlier than next year. According to preliminary data, it will be produced by Samsung using a 5-nanometer process technology.

The SoC configuration includes an eight-core processor on the Arm architecture, an AI accelerator optimized for Google machine learning algorithms, and blocks to speed up the Google Assistant virtual assistant and expand its capabilities in Always-On mode.

Note that Google already uses in-house Pixel smartphones designed to accelerate machine learning and image processing tasks. Creating a SoC with an application processor, graphics accelerator, and other blocks seems like a logical next step.

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