Google found many holes in Safari browser

Developers from Google said that many holes were discovered in the security system of the Apple Safari web browser that allowed hackers to monitor user behavior on the Internet. Interestingly, this can be done using a tool that was designed to protect user privacy.

Google experts identified these shortcomings of Apple in August last year. Last December, Apple confirmed the existence of these vulnerabilities on its blog and thanked Google, and also confirmed that they were fixed.

The research team identified five types of attacks that could occur due to vulnerabilities. According to reports, vulnerabilities could allow third parties to receive “confidential personal information about the user’s habits when viewing content.”

You do not expect privacy-enhancing technologies to pose privacy risks. If exploited, these vulnerabilities will allow unauthorized and uncontrolled monitoring of users. Although such confidentiality vulnerabilities are very rare today, problems in mechanisms designed to improve confidentiality are unexpected and highly controversial.

Network Security Specialist Lukas Oleinik

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