Google called the date of the “funeral” of the Chrome App Store

Three years ago, Google announced plans to abandon applications published in the Chrome Web Store, believing that the future lies in PWA-development with instant launch. Now, the company recalled that its statement was valid and announced the date of the final cessation of support for the company store.

The Chrome Web Store abandonment program will enter the active phase in a few months, when Google will completely refuse to accept new applications for publication. Within a year, the company will stop supporting applications, and by 2022 they will completely disappear from the Chrome browser and the Chrome OS operating system.

The chronology of events that Google will adhere to is as follows:

  • March 2020: Chrome Web Store will no longer accept new applications. Developers will be able to update already published until June 2022.
  • June 2020: End of support for Chrome applications on Windows, Mac, Linux. Owners of Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education will be able to use the applications until December 2020.
  • December 2020: End of support for Chrome Apps on Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • June 2021: Abandonment of the NaCl, PNaCl, and PPAPI APIs. Discontinue support for Chrome Apps on Chrome OS with an extension for owners of Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education.
  • June 2022: Final abandonment of Chrome Apps.

At the same time, Google noted that all the changes associated with Chrome applications will not affect the category of extensions, which the company still considers promising.

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