Google blocked the air for hidden subscriptions and insidious tricks in Android applications

Google spoke about the large-scale changes in the policies of the online store Google Play applications that will take effect in the coming months.

First, Google has taken steps to make it easier for users to control application access to location information. Developers are beginning to require permission to access the location of the device for background work. For new applications, the requirement will come into force in August 2020, and for existing applications from November.

Secondly, much attention is paid to a more transparent design of subscriptions in order to avoid the hidden design of paid services.

Google requires developers to easily find and understand subscription terms, free trial information, and other introductory offers. The price and frequency of payment, the duration of the free services that are included in them, the expiration date and the necessary actions for cancellation must be clearly and clearly indicated. The developers are given a deadline of July 16, 2020 to implement the requirements.

Google has even implemented platform-level changes so that developers do not need too many additional steps.

So, the Google Play order page has been updated for more “transparency.” A notification email is sent to users before the free trial period or temporarily reduced price comes to an end, and also when the next subscription payment deadline for tariffs of 3, 6 and 12 months is approaching. Users will also be warned that uninstalling the application does not automatically cancel the subscription.

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