Google and YouTube tighten the screws

For violations of the new rules, they can block the video, deprive users of the opportunity to earn money on their channel, as well as completely delete the channel

Google has announced that YouTube’s most popular video hosting service has introduced new rules related to videos that threaten, harass, or harass anyone.

Users who publish content of this kind can be punished in various ways: block the video, deprive users of the opportunity to earn on their channel, and completely delete the channel.

Previously, YouTube could not directly threaten murder or violence, but now even a hint or imitation of this will be punished. For example, you cannot replace a character’s face in a video game with a real person’s face and commit violence or murder. You can not swear, mentioning someone, brandishing a weapon, and so on. You can not maliciously speak out against anyone on the basis of belonging to a particular race, gender or sexual orientation.

Separately tightened the rules for using derogatory vocabulary. Of course, there may be exceptions if the videos are humorous or intended for educational, scientific or artistic purposes. However, Google recommends that you rely too much on the fact that your deliberately provocative video will fall into one of these categories.

It is worth noting that in recent years, more and more content creators have complained that their videos are tagged 18+, remove monetization and even delete videos. Many believe that YouTube has already ceased to be that open platform where you could openly talk about anything that it was a couple of years ago.

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