Goodram updates CL100 and CX400 SSDs

In the new products section on the Goodram website, new versions of the CL100 and CX400 SSDs have appeared. According to the manufacturer, these 2.5-inch SSDs with SATA 6 Gb / s interface are among the most popular in its range. Newer versions are designated CL100 gen.3 and CX400 gen.2. A common feature of these SSDs, noted by the manufacturer, is the use of 3D TLC flash memory.

CX400 gen.2 drives are available in 128, 256, 512 and 1024 GB. They show write speeds of up to 500 MB / s and read speeds of up to 550 MB / s. The 9100 GB model has appeared in the CL100 gen.3 lineup, so now this SSD is available in 120, 240, 480 and 960 GB volumes. The write speed in the case of CL100 gen.3 reaches 460 MB / s, read speed – 540 MB / s. Interestingly, the manufacturer provides a three-year warranty on the CL100 gen.3 SSD with no limitation on recording volume.

New versions of SSD will be available at the end of March. The manufacturer does not report prices, but it is obvious that, like their predecessors, the new SSD versions belong to the budget segment.

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